• • Normal Loan: This is a loan obtainable by a member after six (6) financial months with twelve (12) months maximum repayment period. Member’s thrift savings plus members shares will be used to determine the amount of Normal loan individual members are qualify to obtain, with an interest rate of not more than 15%PA.
  • • Grace Loan: It is a long-term loan obtainable by members with 5% monthly interest rate on reducing balance, repayable latest in the month of January of the year following the year of taken the Grace loan.
  • • Emergency Loan: Maximum of 25% of individual savings can be taken as Emergency Loan to be repaid within a maximum period of 5 months with 20% flat rate interest.
Special Saving
  • • Target Savings: This a purpose savings made by member over a period of time to meet their target. Withdraw-able with 1% interest. Monthly minimum saving as low as N1,000.
  • • Annual Savings: This is an individual savings made from January to December of every year, participating members will collect their annual total savings at the end of December of the year with 1% interest or moved the total savings to the next year monthly savings.

Sales of essential commodities such as

  • Food stuffs
  • Electronics & home appliances
  • Phone & gadgets
  • Computers
  • Mattress and comfort accessories