The Society is located at kilometer 3 New Ife Road Ibadan inside Nigerian Breweries Plc; Ibadan Premises. The Society was registered on 6th September, 1989 as Nigerian Breweries Limited (Ibadan) Staff Co-operative Investment and Credit Society Limited with registration number 5645.

This Society is a medium sized organization, professionally managed by experts. The Society commenced business in 1989 and presently has total savings of over ₦350million. The Society made investment in the following:

  • Selling of household equipment and electronic gadgets.
  • Loan to members
  • Purchase of Landed property for members

The current membership strength of the Society stood at about 300 which cut across all Nigerian Breweries plc locations in Nigeria.
This Society is the sole authority that can deduct directly from individual salary account, savings and any loan advance to the NB Plc. Ibadan Staff Cooperative members; through the Society on monthly basis.
The cumulative deduction is paid to the Society’s account in bulk as revolving loans on monthly basis.

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